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[SOLVED] OS X no longer starts, crashes on startup
Every time I try to startup the whatpulse app now it instantly crashes. I've attached the crash details for anyone to give me some ideas on what may be wrong.


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.txt   whatpulse_details.txt (Size: 56.43 KB / Downloads: 381)
Can you upload the file network-ports.csv from your data directory ( somewhere for me? After doing that delete it and start the client again. The file has been corrupted during download. I'd like to take a look to prevent the client crashing.

I've been seeing these a bit too much lately, time for a fix..
so looking at the file you mentioned, it had a login error from the proxy server my work uses. by deleting that file while I was not at work I was able to startup whatpulse successfully. however I have a new issue now. I have a ton of unpulsed data, but when having all the issues I reset my password. now when I try and pulse it says invalid password. But I don't see how to login again. and the logout button says I will lose all my unpulsed data.

i'd really prefer not to lose the 480k keys and 215k clicks.
You can do two things;

- Change your password back to the old one on the website and continue pulsing,
- Logout and login again, if you use exactly the same username and computer name, the client will not reset your unpulsed stats.

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