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Mac Menu Bar Display Request - Xander641 - 01-22-2020 08:34 PM

Does anyone else like the GeekWindow stats, but don't like it hovering? I'd be interested in an option to be able to show 1 or more stat in the menu bar (such as un-pulsed keys or clicks or downloads) that would update after each action, like how it can display when a key is being typed or clicked, but instead have the actual counter displayed!

RE: Mac Menu Bar Display Request - newton - 02-09-2020 05:50 PM

Thanks for the feedback. Since you're using a mac, I suggest trying out BitBar: https://github.com/matryer/bitbar

You could write a BitBar plugin to make regular requests to the Client API to display a widget in your menu bar with the stats that you want: https://dev.whatpulse.org/#client-api