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No Download counting on high speeds
(09-01-2020, 04:19 PM)TehMoff Wrote: I've updated Windows 10 to build 2004 and Npcap tp 0.9997. It seems to work rather well for me now, but I haven't had a good opportunity to test speeds so can't be sure!

TehMoff, what do you mean by setting Npcap tp 0.9997 I'm also not getting any high bandwidth speeds counted.
(10-19-2020, 11:25 AM)LavAzza Wrote: TehMoff, what do you mean by setting Npcap tp 0.9997 I'm also not getting any high bandwidth speeds counted.

Npcap is replacing WinPcap which has been bundled with WhatPulse for a long time, you can download it here -
1.0 is the currently most recent version, though I haven't tried it yet.
So, I downloaded Npcap too. Latest Version, but it doesn't made a difference to WinPcap for me... NPCap isn't the solution then sadly.
I'm gonna have to bump this, my problem is back after updating to WhatPulse 3.1.

I tried to update Npcap to 1.10 (latest as of right now), no difference :/

Running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Build 19042.746 (20H2).

Anyone know a solution?

I noticed every time I start WhatPulse I get an error in event viewer applications, see attached image, in case it helps/have something to do with this issue.

In WhatPulse settings/general settings. If you deactivate Network, press save, then activate Network, press save, the unpulsed data increases a teeny tiny bit - then stops counting again :/

Done some observation and I think when you break the 100MB/s upload barrier (maybe download too, haven't reached it) the counting breaks/stops until you go below 100 again.

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Sorry for the late bump, but I kinda still have the issue. In case anyone is looking into it I'd like to add a little more info:

Running Whatpulse 3.6 & Npcap 1.6 on Windows 10 nowdays, also upgraded to Gbit connection so the problem is occuring more often.
On the bright side, I don't have to restart WhatPulse for it to start keeping track again. It just doesn't seem to count at all when speeds reach too high. Not exactly sure where the breakpoint is, and download seems to be more affected/sensitive than upload.

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