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Heatmap On = High CPU Usage
This is a problem that has been around for me for over a year now. When I have heatmap on sometimes Whatpulse eats up 33% of the CPU. During that time Whatpulse likes like crazy. Seems intermittent last I checked. Looking at the heatmap itself eats up my CPU.

Whatpulse .db

6600k @ 4.7ghz, so very fast cores.

Win 10 64bit.

Running v2.7.1 of Whatpulse

WinPCap is installed.

Running in the admin account.

No error message.

No running VMWare or antivirus.

What time period do you have selected when this is happening?
(12-02-2016, 10:14 PM)smitmartijn Wrote: Hi,

What time period do you have selected when this is happening?


It doesn't seem to matter what time period. I've tried today (with no keys logged on heatmap because it has been off) and entire of last year.

I'll be happy to provide you any more information you need. When the local Whatpulse database is removed the lag is gone.
A bump to this thread.
Also, a note that this is the same problem I noted in the bug report sent via the app itself which you responded to yesterday, regarding the large database size.

Sorry, but the PM system on this forum is a little confusing and I'm unsure if the message sent.


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