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Pulse Times
The Times of my pulses are all forward by one hour. It says i have pulse on the 6th of may, were in the UK right now its still the 5th may 11.54pm.

Is it because of DST i so is there anywhere i can set the time for my profile please.
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I believe that clocks on the site are either GMT +1 or GMT +2. Either way, there's no way to remedy this that I'm aware of.

It would be great if there was a setting on the Website that allowed us to pulse and view our history based on our time zone. I'm 5 hours behind this server's time, so if I don't pulse before 7 PM, my pulses are carried over to the next day. It sometimes annoys me.
Yeh I notice this a lot, especially when im pulsing my final ones of the day, and its telling me Ive already done 2-3 so far already the day after. Its not big deal really though. I only care about getting my total keystrokes and click count up as much as possible. It helps when your searching for a particular pulse though.
could we get a timezone in gmt-/+ format for pulse times in the api so us coders can convert that to our site's time?

is it +1 or +2???

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