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WhatPulse Download Cleint
Is it me, or when I download the new updated client is slow? And once if downloaded, opening the fully finished .exe doesn't work.
This has been happening for quite a while at random times (or maybe there is a pattern but I've yet to figure one), the servers just screw up and make the download extremely slow (around 20 min if I recall correctly), then the file doesn't work. You just have to download it some other time and it'll work.
Yeah, this is a bummer which I have referred friends to the program and they are already signed up but they can't download the client. I am not sure if there is anyone who have the installer.
(05-26-2015, 06:27 AM)DeadIntermediate Wrote: I am not sure if there is anyone who have the installer.
We enabled a new CDN as the primary distribution of the website itself this a few days ago, that might have had an impact on the downloads. The downloads specifically are back to the previous distribution model now, which should solve low download speeds.
(05-25-2015, 05:19 PM)DeadIntermediate Wrote: Download Cleint


Just downloaded (it zipped down, in a jiffy!) & installed the new(Est) v2.6.1 Windblow$ Clint, thank you for the update!! :))

[Image: kGtb2N0.png]

[Image: 2itq8g6.png]
^ This was cool xD
[Image: mcdty0-3.png]

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