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Title: Stats buttons
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Is it possible to add the 'Team Stats' and 'My Stats' buttons to the forum pages? That makes it a lot easier to navigate from the forum to the stats.
[Image: 314464.jpg]
Unfortunately not, the forums are a third party software set, while the website is our own. The integration can only go so far.
Wouldn't it just be an extra query?

eg "user_wp_id" "user_wp_team_id" then echo it in the template file?
If only...that would mean that the user database and the forum database is in the same region, which they are not.
none the less i still think it's an easy script

db1.select wp_id, wp_team_id from wb_users


db2.where user_wp_id = "$db1_wp_id", user_wp_team_id = "$db1_wp_team_id"

it is possible and i do not think it is much coding, i'd write a full script my my knowledge of sql and php is 4 years old
You can think what you want, I'm just saying how it is. ;-)

A lot has changed in those 4 years, I suppose.

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