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Title: own profile and mouse kilometers
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own profile now supports only Miles.
It would be easy to add support for kilometers too.
COuld you do this?
it'll come someday!
Olli, perhaps if you really wanted it to show as Kilometers instead of miles you could do a small web browser extension that automatically converts Miles to Kilometers when it's enabled for the WhatPulse website. If I had more time to play around with browser plugins, I'd be interested in doing it as a learning experience. But I'll let you take first dibs on it.
Just looked up a neat Firefox add-on, for doing the conversions.. It's Adware, in a sense, just so you know (it can be disabled, or actually not activated from the get-go :))

It's got options, concerning the output; screenshots:

[Image: 1282012104733pm.th.png]

[Image: 1282012104741pm.th.png]

[Image: 1282012104747pm.th.png]
[Image: 2itq8g6.png]
^ This was cool xD
[Image: mcdty0-3.png]

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