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Title: 2.1b remapped keys doesn't count
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I'm using AutoHotKey to remap QWERTY to Colemak layout but WhatPulse 2.1b doesn't count remapped keys. Keys that are not remapped (same key position in both layout) count OK.

This issue happened 2.0.2 or 2.0.3, but fixed with 2.0.4. But with 2.1b, it happens again.

Plus, 'Geek Windows crash (goes black) after switching user' issue still not fixed.

It seems like this AutoHotKey injects keys and the WhatPulse client ignores injected keys by design. No fix there, 2.0.4 was a fluke.

I haven't been able to reproduce the black window myself and there are about 3 users affected by it, so it hasn't been high on the list.
Okay, I hope these issues get fixed sometime. Until then I'll stick to 2.0.4.
I also have the problem with the Black Window, it happens whenever I remote control my PC and it switches to Windows 7 Basic, once switched and even after switching back the box remains black.
Because you can't group by a column that is not in your SELECT clause. "Is this case just with Mysql or with any other database" its a part of sql specification
I'm having a hard time placing where a post about a SELECT clause came from..
A spambot with a copy & paste fetish by the looks of it!
A spambot without spam?
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