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other keyboard layouts
12-31-2012, 08:46 AM
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other keyboard layouts
The new client now features a nifty key map that shows how often certain keys and key patterns are pressed. I find this all very interesting, however I noticed that there was a huge problem. The key layout is only in English QWERTY and has no option to change it.

Other countries use different variants of the QWERTY with a few characters in different places (AZERTY, QWERTZ). For myself, I use the Dvorak layout where the entire keyboard is completely rearranged. While this will not change the number of keystrokes for the majority of letters, for the other letters the number can drastically change.

For example, I'm a gamer. On a QWERTY keyboard WASD and its neighbors (QEXZCF) are used extensively for movement. However on a Dvorak, the keys ,AOE and '.Q;JU will be used a lot more. Even in other applications, some hotkeys with related actions are within close proximity of each other on a QWERTY but may be remapped to other keys to suit the same on a different layout.

Obviously the point I'm trying to make in this ridiculously long post is for the client to have support of other key layouts. It would provide more accurate and relevant information for the user as well as record data for other special characters often used on other countries' layouts such as Ä, Á, Å, Ç, Ñ, Ø, ß, etc.

I would really like to see this feature added in future updates. Will this be an easy thing to do, or will the coding prove too difficult? Surely if the new client can record network traffic than moving a couple keys around can't be too difficult.
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