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Spam blocker
11-29-2012, 04:46 PM
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Spam blocker
Robby250 Wrote:2 more things, I wanted to edit my previous post but I got 2 power failures in a row:

1. Still doesn't answer why I can't change my account's email on the actual Whatpulse website as described here: "Speaking of emails I've also tried changing my email on the actual Whatpulse website and after I click "Submit changes" it says that my profile has been updated, but as soon as I refresh the page it shows that it's using the old email again, and I don't receive any confirmation messages on either email accounts, yes I have checked the spam folders and everything."

2. I think I just double pulsed and I don't want to make a new thread about it. When it should've automatically pulsed I got a server error and was told to try again later, so I kept trying to pulse and then it finally pulsed. Now I see 2 pulses in 2 seconds, the second one having 6095 KP/s lol

I don't see the second issue that you're speaking of. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong times. As for the first thing, once again, that's martijn.

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