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Eurobilltracker-Team - Schlauchen - 07-10-2009 04:21 PM

The EurobillTracker-Team is a quite big team, with so far 151 members.
We're some crazy people from all over europe who enter all their banknotes on http://eurobilltracker.com .

How can I take part?

Simply join the team, everyone is welcome, though we would love it if you would register on Eurobilltracker, too! --> http://whatpulse.org/stats/teams/11786/

And how do I take part in Eurobilltracker?

Simply register on http://eurobilltracker.com.

Why should I register my banknotes on EBT and how does it work?

Every euro-banknote has a printer code (also called "short code") on the front side and a serial number on the back side. After logging in, you can enter these information - maybe you have a banknote in your hand which another user has already tracked before! Detailled instructions, where to find the printer code and so on, are available on the homepage. Maybe you think "Erm... there are millions of notes in the world... impossible to find one which is already tracked..." but: in Germany, your chances to find a hit are already 1:320 high, in the Netherlands 1:185! (updated 2009-07-10).

But I'm not from europe and don't have euro notes....

Easy, plan your holidays accordingly Wink - or use the U.S.version Where's George instead. I must admit I don't know if there's a Where's George team on WhatPulse!