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[CLOSED] Add KeyScrambler Compatibility - ThanoslBsl - 02-25-2017 11:12 AM

Hey. Since the new "beta" update my WhatPulse is not recording my keystroke from my PC "Windows 10"


Click are counted right.

But there is a problem with the keystroke recording.

I have to use KeyScrambler everytime everyday so i cannot disable it.

Software version i have :

KeyScrambler Premium 3.1.0

WhatPulse 2.7.2b3-win

Can you please check if you can fix it ? :p that would be great

Thanks guys, have a great day.

Edit : Btw i forgot to said, it was not working on the normal version of WhatPulse.

RE: Add KeyScrambler Compatibility - smitmartijn - 02-25-2017 06:38 PM


Unfortunately, there is no way the key counting can work along side a key scrambler. That's the whole point of a key scrambler. ;-)

There's nothing we can do there..