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Looking for an active team - elextra - 03-22-2009 03:17 AM

I'm not a new member and have been on quite a few teams over the years but they've all run their course and died out. I'd like for it to be active and more of a community type team with a friendly atmosphere instead of just being on a team with a bunch of strangers and never having any sort of contact with them. Don't much care about the size of the team, or the rank either.

My stats:

Keys: 31,279,355
Clicks: 2,844,889
Miles: 163.15

Looking for an active team - theHacker - 03-24-2009 12:40 PM

Hi there.

I am from the community klamm.de and would like to introduce you to our team.
Check out our team site at http://www.whatpulse-team.de/.

klamm.de is a paid4start-site (you get money for visiting the site) which has over 280,000 members and in our forums we have over 43,000 users registered. So you don't have to fear the team dieing out.

There's a catch: The forums are German, so if you don't speak German you will not be able to participate at our forums.

Looking for an active team - elextra - 03-25-2009 08:05 AM

Your team sounds great, and it seems like you have a nice community attached to it, but unfortunately I don't speak German. Thank you anyway!