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Guess the game! - Quarzi - 04-06-2008 08:42 AM

OK. Here is the rules.

1. The one that got the right title puts up a new picture of a game.
2. DON'T put up a new picture unless the user who's game you've guessed on told you that you were right.
3. If anyone haven't guess the right game in 24 hours the one that put the picture up may say the answer and put up a new one.
4. If the one that put up the picture don't put up any new picture within 48 hours then anyone can put up a new picture.
5. Try to find good pictures. Some good pages to find some is http://www.oldgames.nu http://www.mobygames.com/
6. A good idea is to save the image you want to post, rename it and upload it to some uploading site. Just to be sure the link to the image itself don't give away the game.
7. You have to had played the game that you are showing an image of!
8. Any console or machine is ok.
9. Have fun!

I'll begin with a quite simple game.

[Image: 92914.jpeg]

Guess the game! - Zabin King - 05-05-2008 07:14 AM

Half-life. Fun game.

Interesting idea. I like it.

Guess the game! - Quarzi - 05-11-2008 01:14 AM

The answer is correct, but the 48 hours deadline is way over due, so just fost an image ;P

Guess the game! - swissboney3 - 05-11-2008 11:33 PM

ok whats this game??
[Image: 87830190339c13a5820688e285ae0a59085ddc93.png]

Guess the game! - Zabin King - 05-12-2008 03:38 AM

Huh, I don't know but it has peaked my interest.

Guess the game! - Pimorez - 05-12-2008 08:27 AM

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory


[Image: glow2mb0.gif]

Bad pic, because it's a .GIF Tongue

Guess the game! - swissboney3 - 05-13-2008 11:37 PM

hmmm dunnoo....guess this one...
[Image: 15562fdfada90f432e4bf2fa99ed55d81dfa4272.png]

Guess the game! - Pimorez - 05-14-2008 02:43 PM

Isn't that BattleField 1942?

Guess the game! - swissboney3 - 05-18-2008 04:53 PM

afraid not Big Grin Medal Of Honor - Pacific Assult Big Grin

Guess the game! - Pimorez - 05-23-2008 06:33 PM

Hmm, it looks worse then it did on my computer, lol xD