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Title: Dynamic Image Bugs & Suggestions
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prosser13 Wrote:Think navigation around the editor could be a lot better - a simple button from the design screen back to the main screen, and the same in the preferences section, would make it a lot more usable.

Even with the breadcrumb trail there?
Hm long time ago last poster...

In Dynamic Images Editor everything shows correctly, except any Team variable (it shows "n/a").
But after I save it and view picture there are few things missing...
"%accountname%" doesn't show anything (it is blank)
"%country_rank%" only shows "th", there is no number before it

P.S. Just saw... please add a <hr> line before starting signature

Just like this (the line before my signature is "fake")
There seems to be a discrepancy with what I see in the editor than what's on the final image. As you can see below on my sig the fonts and alignment all seem to be off. The sizes are also not I what I set them to be.

For comparison here is a screenshot of the design page:
[Image: pHBF3.png]

The image also doesn't seem to update font color as I change it. I have to save image and then refresh the page for the color change to happen.
[Image: 2842.jpg]
WhatPulse 2.1.1 on Win7 SP1 x64, admin mode
Logitech Gaming Software 8.46.27 controls a G110 keyboard and G500 mouse
(01-04-2013, 12:15 PM)Jurgen Wrote: It doesn't work...

Not Found

The requested URL /315786.jpg was not found on this server.

Same here:
WhatPulse Dynamic Image

You can find your image on http://dynimg.whatpulse.org/416765.jpg and here's a BB code example to use it in your signature on a forum:

[Image: 416765.jpg]

Does not work.
There seems to be something wrong. The "design"-view and saved view look different. (I've had this issue for months, just now decided to post). This makes it hard to make everything fit, 'cause I can't place them how I wish..

See here the "design"-mode, this is how I want it to look:
[Image: 4mNxxWG.png]

When saved, this is how it looks:
[Image: cQVtxnK.png]

Font sizes are different, causing everything to be misaligned:
- My rank is closer to my name
- Last pulse isn't on the same height
- Country rank isn't positioned correctly
- Keys & Clicks are blurry and seem bigger
- Pulsing since font seems different, less letter spacing
- Last updated time (right bottom) is even smaller than I want it to be

My country rank doesn't seem to work at all.

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