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Couple of bugs - Feb 2014
Hey - Just a couple of bugs that I have found recently. Nothing major.

Firstly, on my profile no matter what I set the hyperlink to (I wanted it to go to my website), it seems to always come up with my whatpulse URL. So, clicking it simply reloads the page.

Also, in the premium services there are a few things that don't work very well, such as the generation of weekly graphs etc. It just hangs and has some issues. The graphs load initially without issues, but it's when I try to change between week/month etc that I see the issues.

It says that my weekly reports that have been sent to me are listed, but then it says there is "nothing here" and asks me if I have enabled the feature. Obviously I have as I receive the emails every Friday.

Everything else seems fine.

Congrats on 2000 Facebook Likes.
Hi Ash,

Profile URL: You needed to drop the " - I've updated it for you and it points to the right website.

Graphs: There are a few incompatibility issues with some browsers and the tabbed interface and graph combination. It's on the todo to get them off the tabs.

WAR Archive: Should be fixed by next run - if you were polled as a friend of someone instead of polled directly, it didn't remember your premium status.

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